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Ugly history of tipping in America

Tipping actually originated in the aristocratic homes of feudal Europe.... When tips came to the United States in the late 1850s, 1860s, there was a massive anti-tipping movement. It was actually considered to be undemocratic, un-American.... Well that movement, which came right around the time of the emancipation of the slaves, was squashed by the restaurant industry, which argued that they should have the right to hire newly freed slaves and not pay them anything as valueless people and essentially let them live on customer tips. And so many...

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TIME: How the Restaurant Industry Could Change the World

Food labor activist Saru Jayaraman says the restaurant industry is “the floor of our economy… it is literally the worst employer in the United States.”

So what happens...

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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: A new labor group tactic: Pittsburgh businesses earn positive ratings

“Mixtape is a small business in our community proving that businesses can both treat their workers fairly and still make a profit,” said Jordan Romanus, lead organizer with R.O.C. United of Pittsburgh. “We believe that it’s time...

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GAMBIT: 3-Course Interview: Saru Jayaraman

Over that period, the restaurant industry has argued that there is no reason to pay these workers a (higher) wage. They paint the picture of a white guy working in the French Quarter in a fine dining restaurant. The truth is that 70 percent of these workers are women; they're women of color. They're women working at IHOP, 40 percent are mothers. A good percentage are single moms. They suffer three times the poverty rate of the rest of the U.S. workforce. They use food stamps at...

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EATER NY: New York Was Wrong to Exclude Tipped Workers From Full $15 Minimum

All of a sudden those pay freezes for tipped employees don't make a whole lot of sense, do they? It's equally unfortunate that even though the food service industry employs the most American workers earning at or below the minimum wage, Cuomo, one of the great liberal icons of our country, largely swept the compensation debate for the state's tipped workers under the table.

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CBS PHILLY: Today Marks 25th Anniversary Of Last Time Tipped Minimum Wage Was Raised

Jones says an effort is underway in Pennsylvania to eliminate the two tiered minimum wage and make one fair minimum wage of at least ten-dollars and ten cents.

Seven states already have one fair wage.

“In the one fair wage states,...

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