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THE HILL: One Fair Wage – a major plank in Democratic platform

At just $2.13 per hour at the federal level, the sub-minimum wage system leaves tipped workers — largely women and people of color — disproportionately impacted by financial insecurity, sexual harassment, and discrimination. The movement for One Fair Wage seeks to eliminate this unjust, two-tiered wage system, and establish a fair, living wage for all workers.

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BUZZFEED: The Democratic Party Wants To Change How Tipping Works

Jayaraman credited Clinton, her top policy advisor Ann O’Leary, ROC’s advocacy and other worker groups for pushing the issue onto the national agenda. Tipping practices also received a wave of media coverage last fall, when star restaurateur Danny Meyer...

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EATER: How Donald Trump Would Undo Years of Restaurant Labor Reform

Saru Jayaraman, co-director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center, says handling wages at the state and local level "is simply impossible" in certain parts of the country: "If someone ordered that minimum wage was a state issue, workers in the...

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How Can We Make Restaurant Jobs Into Good Jobs?

“For so many years, even the labor movement and advocates told us we were being too ambitious in fighting to get up to just 60 or 70 percent of the federal minimum wage for tipped workers,” Jayaraman recalls. “And now we’re in a world where we’re saying we’ll accept nothing less than a 100 percent of the federal minimum and get rid of a separate subminimum wage for tipped workers altogether.” There’s a lesson here, she says, for organizers and labor groups: be bold, be ambitious. “It’s not about...

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Tips Take Center Stage in D.C.’s Fight For $15 Debate

Representatives of labor group Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), told Eater the group "will continue to fight for $15." In a statement, the group called the $15 minimum wage enactment "a positive step for many workers in the area," albeit one that was "made on the backs of over 29,000 hard working women and men, and many people of color, in the restaurant industry."

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Raising the tipped minimum wage: Good for workers, good for restaurants

Michael Saltsman’s assertion that raising D.C.’s tipped minimum wage would hurt servers was flat-out wrong . As a Manhattan restaurant owner, I’m proud to say that the...

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