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Local restaurateurs weigh pros, cons of no tipping as owners elsewhere take the plunge

For example, by asserting that servers work for the restaurant, rather than the people sitting at its tables, owners can cut down on what Restaurant Opportunities Center United co-director Saru Jayaraman has described as “all kinds of nonmalicious but less than ideal practices, like giving free drinks to people, and basically doing things that hurt the bottom line.”

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Berkeley professor: ‘Food workers deserve a raise’

Adding that the restaurant industry is seeing its biggest labor shortage in U.S. history, Jayaraman said studies have shown that states that have mandated a higher wage tend to perform better economically than before companies raise wages.

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Ugly history of tipping in America

Tipping actually originated in the aristocratic homes of feudal Europe.... When tips came to the United States in the late 1850s, 1860s, there was a massive anti-tipping movement. It was actually considered to be undemocratic, un-American.... Well that movement,...

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TIME: How the Restaurant Industry Could Change the World

Food labor activist Saru Jayaraman says the restaurant industry is “the floor of our economy… it is literally the worst employer in the United States.”

So what happens...

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PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: A new labor group tactic: Pittsburgh businesses earn positive ratings

“Mixtape is a small business in our community proving that businesses can both treat their workers fairly and still make a profit,” said Jordan Romanus, lead organizer with R.O.C. United of Pittsburgh. “We believe that it’s time to start highlighting local businesses that offer living wages and benefits and call for a statewide adoption of one fair wage for all workers.”

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GAMBIT: 3-Course Interview: Saru Jayaraman

Over that period, the restaurant industry has argued that there is no reason to pay these workers a (higher) wage. They paint the picture of a white guy working in the French Quarter in a fine dining...

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