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Restaurant Opportunities Center of DC Re-files Ballot Measure Calling for Elimination of Lower Tipped Minimum Wage in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. — Today, at a press conference outside the Wilson Building, Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United joined with Washington D.C.’s tipped workers to re-file a ballot initiative that will eliminate the unfair, lower tipped minimum wage in D.C, and establish One Fair Wage for all workers.

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New Report Reveals Challenges Facing Employers Under Tipped Minimum Wage System

Today, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United) released “Tipped Over: Employer Liability in a Two-Tiered Wage State,” a report that examines how rules necessary to regulate the subminimum wage system, including the so-called ‘80-20 Rule,’ create tremendous liabilities for both employers...

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How Can We Make Restaurant Jobs Into Good Jobs?

“For so many years, even the labor movement and advocates told us we were being too ambitious in fighting to get up to just 60 or 70 percent of the federal minimum wage for tipped workers,” Jayaraman recalls. “And...

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Washington D.C. City Council Votes Against One Fair Wage, Approves Compromised Wage Deal on the Backs of Tipped Workers

“Today, the Washington D.C. City Council voted against one fair wage for the District’s tipped workers when it raised the non-tipped minimum to $15. While this is a positive step for many workers in the area, this deal was made on the backs of over 29,000 hard working women and men, and many people of color, in the restaurant industry. These workers experience poverty at nearly twice the rate of other D.C. workers. Nine out of ten of D.C.’s tipped restaurant workers experience some kind of sexual harassment on...

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Tips Take Center Stage in D.C.’s Fight For $15 Debate

Representatives of labor group Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), told Eater the group "will continue to fight for $15." In a statement, the group called the $15 minimum wage enactment "a positive step for many workers in the area," albeit one that was "made on the backs of over 29,000 hard working women and men, and many people of color, in the restaurant industry."

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DC for $15 and Supporters Fight to Include Tipped Workers in Mayor’s Minimum Wage Proposal

Today’s first DC Council hearing on Mayor Muriel Bowser’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15/ hour was packed with supporters and critics. DC for $15 advocates were out in force, urging the mayor and council to go...

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