Say NO! to #TipTheft

The Trump Administration has partnered with the National Restaurant Association to steal restaurant workers’ tips. Unacceptable!

Click here to send a letter demanding Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta halt their agenda NOW.

The proposed regulation, which has been submitted to the White House for review, would overturn decades of federal and state law and precedent in order to gain control and ownership over workers’ tips. The subminimum wage—a little as $2.13 at the federal level—is bad enough. Trump’s agenda will only exacerbate the disproportionate rates of poverty, discrimination, and sexual harassment rampant across our industry.

Enough is enough. ROC United has launched a campaign to mobilize workers, employers and consumers to contact Secretary Acosta to stop this proposal’s advancement immediately. Will you stand with us?

Say NO! to #TipTheft — Send a letter to Secretary Acosta demanding he block the NRA’s plan to steal workers’ tips.

Want more information? Click here to check out our latest report, “Our Tips Belong To Us: Overcoming the National Restaurant Association’s Attempt to Steal Workers’ Tips, Perpetuate Sexual Harassment, and Maintain Racial Exploitation.”