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Tips Take Center Stage in D.C.’s Fight For $15 Debate

Representatives of labor group Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), told Eater the group "will continue to fight for $15." In a statement, the group called the $15 minimum wage enactment "a positive step for many workers in the area," albeit one that was "made on the backs of over 29,000 hard working women and men, and many people of color, in the restaurant industry."

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Raising the tipped minimum wage: Good for workers, good for restaurants

Michael Saltsman’s assertion that raising D.C.’s tipped minimum wage would hurt servers was flat-out wrong . As a Manhattan restaurant owner, I’m proud to say that the...

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Talking story with ‘Forked’ author Saru Jayaraman about why tipping in restaurants is unfair to food servers

There’s no way to say this delicately, so I’m just going to come out and say it: tipping food servers is wrong. It’s messed up, unfair and appalling. Of course you should tip your servers if you eat out,...

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The Surprisingly Dark History of Tipping

According to Jayaraman, the notion that customer tips could make up wages paved the way for the tipped minimum wage. "hese industries could claim that they were hiring these workers when nobody else would and providing them the opportunity to get tips,” she told ATTN:. The idea that those tips would be their wage, she added, "was agreed upon and codified into the very first minimum wage law that passed in 1938 as part of the New Deal."

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Olive Garden Targeted in Minimum Wage, Animal Welfare Protests

In 2014, ROC released a report that found the company could pay all of its workers $15 per hour simply by redirecting $.10 of every $5 in sales — or 2 percent of sales  — toward employees' salaries.

But according to Darden, the average hourly employee at the company's seven brands earns "nearly $15 an hour today." That's according to Darden's director of communications Rich Jeffers, who says directly tipped employees (70 percent of Darden's workforce) "earn $16 to $20 on average."

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A Bittersweet Day for Working Mothers Living Off Tips

As a mother I know the joy of motherhood, and the incredible stress that comes with trying to do the best for our kids. I can’t imagine trying to feed my two little ones on tips. We can and...

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