In the News

June 2020


Eater: A New $3M City Fund Aims to Pay Staffers at Small Restaurants $20 Per Hour

CNN: New York City announces $3 million initiative to help city’s small restaurants

Daily Mail: NYC Mayor de Blasio promises to save family-owned restaurants by pledging just $3 MILLION just weeks after saying struggling small businesses are ‘hanging on’ – as experts warn 85% will shut down by the end of the year

Restaurant Hospitality: New York City commits $2 million in grants of up to $30,000 each for independent restaurants

Grub Street: Mayor de Blasio Announces Plan to Help Some of New York’s Family-Run Restaurants

Politico: Partially reopen, New York City bears little resemblance to its former self


May 2020


LA Times: New project High Road Kitchens helps restaurants provide food on a sliding scale

Forbes: How Six Gender Justice Funders Are Providing COVID-19 Emergency Funding

Civil Eats: People of Color are at Greater Risk of COVID-19. Systemic Racism in the Food System Plays a Role

Fast Company: This new program gives funds to California restaurants if they serve free meals and commit to fair wages

Hollywood Reporter: Mark Wahlberg, Tamron Hall and Justin Timberlake Among Stars Sharing Their Stories to Help Next Generation of WME Agents

SF Chronicle: California initiative looks to save restaurants, increase workforce diversity

CNBC: Study finds 44% of U.S. unemployment applicants have been denied or are still waiting

Fast Company: Millions of people still haven’t received unemployment payments. These states are the worst

CBS News: They were laid off from full-time jobs, but made too little to get unemployment

Huffington Post: Republicans Want To End Higher Jobless Pay. For Some Workers It Hasn’t Even Begun.

SF Chronicle: Flour + Water Pasta Shop opens in San Francisco with pasta kits and more

In These Times: How to Save the Restaurant Workforce From Being Casualties of The Covid-19 Crisis

Civil Eats: How Fostering Empathy for the People Who Feed Us Could Change Our Food System


April 2020


Food Tank: Amid Difficult COVID-19 News from Around the World, There’s Hope in the Food System

The FERN: The coronavirus has laid bare restaurant workers’ ‘tip to mouth’ existence

Mother Jones: Tipped Restaurant Workers Were Already Hanging By a Thread. What Now?

Crooked Media: Masking My Feelings

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Robert Wood Johnson Commits $50 Million to Help Neediest Victims of Pandemic and Economic Fall

Inside Philanthropy: What is the Top U.S. Health Philanthropy Doing in Response to COVID-19?

Vice: 8 Funds That Are Collecting Money for the People Who Need It Most Right Now

Refinery 29: What Can A Post-Pandemic World Look Like For Restaurant Workers?

SF Chronicle: Job losses grow as 6.6 million file new claims for week

Inside Philanthropy: New Funds Scramble to Aid Restaurant Workers

LA Times: Where to donate to help restaurant industry workers affected by the pandemic

NPR: What Gig Workers Need To Know About Collecting Unemployment

Marketplace: As COVID-19 stimulus and unemployment checks start to go out, some of the most vulnerable are left behind

The Guardian: Spend, save or donate? Ideas for where to put your stimulus check

Bon Appetit: From Pandemic to Protests: How Food Businesses Nationwide Are Responding

The Atlantic: Is It Ethically Okay to Get Food Delivered Right Now?

The Times: Coronavirus: gig economy workers put lives on the line to pay rent

The Huffington Post: The Coronavirus Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With Work In America


March 2020


Just Jared: Laura Dern Takes Extra Precautions With a Mask & Gloves While Walking Her Dog with Mom Diane Ladd

Gear Junkie: COVID Coalition: How Over 30 Outdoor Brands Are Fighting the Pandemic

Colorlines: Power to the People: 40+ Grassroots Activists Step Up During the COVID-19 Crisis

Food Tank: Saru Jayaraman Talks Fair Wages, COVID-19

The Nation: 12 Coronavirus Funds That Will Help the Most Vulnerable

The Atlantic: The Fact That I Can’t Fix Things Now Is Breaking My Heart’

Yahoo! Finance: Waiters living “tip to mouth” face more hardship in shutdown

Chronogram: How to Help Hudson Valley Restaurants and Service Industry Workers Impacted by COVID-19

Achei USA: Guia completo de auxílio durante a pandemia na Costa Oeste dos EUA

CBS News: Restaurant workers, already living “tip to mouth,” face more hardship in shutdown

Architectural Digest: 12 Ways to Support the Design Community Right Now

La Opinion: Trabajadores sin documentos luchan mientras la economía se detiene

Elite Daily: Here’s How To Help Laid-Off Shift & Gig Workers During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Food Tank: Support These 35+ Organizations Helping Restaurants, Workers, and Farmers Survive COVID-19

The Breakfast Club: Andrew Yang Announces He’s Giving $1M To The People Of NYC

CNN: Andrew Yang’s non-profit to spend more than $1 million to aid working families impacted by coronavirus

The Hill: Andrew Yang nonprofit to dole out checks to 500 households

The Guardian: Andrew Yang: ex-presidential hopeful giving $1m in response to coronavirus

Resonate: Andrew Yang’s Non-Profit to Deliver Over $1Million to Working Families Affected by Coronavirus

CBS News: Andrew Yang’s nonprofit to donate $1 million to families impacted by coronavirus

CNBC: Andrew Yang’s nonprofit giving out $1 million amid COVID-19 crisis, including $250-$500 checks via social media

Yahoo! Here’s How You Can Help Out Restaurants and Their Laid-Off Staff

Resy Blog: How to Help Your Favorite Restaurants — Right Now

Thrillist: 5 Ways to Support NYC Restaurants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Guardian: ‘I could be on the street’: 100,000 jobs at risk as coronavirus pummels California restaurants

Food & Wine: What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off from Your Service Job

Forbes: How To Find Money, Keep Your Business Going, And Help Your Employees During COVID-19

VinePair: How to Give Back to Hospitality Professionals Impacted by Covid-19

Travel & Leisure: These Fundraisers Are Assisting Those Affected by Coronavirus — and They Need Your Help

Refinery29: How You Can Help Local Restaurants & Small Businesses Survive The Coronavirus Shutdown

Truthout: Facing Mass Layoffs, Restaurant Workers Demand Living Wage and Paid Sick Leave

Out Smart: Unemployment Help for LGBTQ Bar and Restaurant Workers Affected by COVID-19

The Boston Globe: How restaurants are helping their employees — and how you can get involved

The Denver Post: Denver restaurants lay off employees by the hundreds following coronavirus bar, restaurant shutdown

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Spreadsheets, free meals and Dining Bonds among creative efforts to help restaurants and service industry workers

Architectural Digest: How to Support Your Community During This Difficult Time

Robb Report: Your Favorite Bars and Restaurants Are Closing. Here’s How to Help Them Reopen

Goop: How to Support Kids, Seniors, and Vulnerable Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Democracy Now! Facing Mass Layoffs, Restaurant Workers Living “Tip to Mouth” Demand Living Wage & Paid Sick Leave

Time: As COVID-19 Crashes the Economy, Workers and Business Owners Wonder If Anything Can Save Them From Financial Ruin

Detroit Free Press: How to help others in metro Detroit: Foster a dog, donate money

Yahoo: How To Support Restaurants and Their Workers Right Now

Parade: Serve Your Servers: How to Help Restaurant Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic 

MSN: Emergency Cash Available For Tipped Workers As Restaurants Close To Stop Coronavirus Spread

Los Angeles Times: Resources for restaurants and workers affected by the coronavirus crisis

Food & Wine: As Coronavirus Shutters Restaurants Across the Country, a Swell of Support for Workers Rises Up

Eater: A List of Relief Funds for Restaurants, Bars, and Food Service Workers

Crain’s New York: Gaps in health care make us all vulnerable

Crain’s Detroit: One Fair Wage raising money for emergency relief for service workers.

CBS News: These workers are going without pay during the coronavirus crisis. Here’s how to help.

Business Insider: The restaurant industry is dipping into emergency funds to pay the wages of bartenders and servers stuck in coronavirus limbo — but they’ll need a bigger safety net to weather the pandemic

Bon Appetit: How To Support Restaurants and Their Workers Right Now 

Up Front – KPFA: Out of work: COVID-19 shuts down events and schools, what should be done to help workers?

Wired: Is it Ethical to Order Delivery During a Pandemic

KQED: Low Income People Expected to Be Hardest Hit by Effects of Coronavirus Crisis

Boston Globe: For workers in the time of coronavirus, a troubling choice: work sick, or lose pay?

SF Chronicle: Coronavirus will hit low-wage workers hardest; ‘I won’t be able to pay my rent’

WNYC – The Takeaway: Why Many Restaurant Workers Will Go to Work Sick


February 2020


Grub Street: Why Restaurant Workers Are Protesting New York’s Minimum Wage Plan

Today: This working mom received a $9 paycheck for 70 hours of service – here’s why

The Counter: “If I want to be paid, I have to endure this”: Why restaurant workers say the tip credit is a civil rights issue

The Nation: New York Is Eliminating the Tipped Minimum Wage—Except for Restaurant Workers

Ms. Magazine: Restaurant Workers Demand “One Fair Wage” in New York

AMNY: Restaurant workers rally in Manhattan for a more equal ‘One Fair Wage’ plan

Gothamist: Restaurant Workers Left Out Of $15/Hour Minimum Wage Plan


January 2020


NY Daily News: Time for one fair wage for all: Gov. Cuomo and New York must now uplift restaurant workers too