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Subminimum wages for tipped and other low-wage workers keep millions in poverty and perpetuate sexual harassment. Let’s make sure that every person who works in America receives at least a full, fair minimum wage from their employer.

Once again, NY Governor Cuomo has left restaurant workers behind. Now, they are having to learn self-defense to def


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Subminimum wages are growing across the American economy. For decades, more than six million tipped workers in restaurants, nail salons, hair salons car washes, airports, parking lots have received a subminimum wage as little as $2.13 an hour from their employers, forcing them to rely on tips to feed their families – and tolerate inappropriate customer behavior in order to get those tips. Now, this unjust system of replacing workers’ pay with tips is spreading to app-based delivery workers at places like InstaCart and DoorDash, and app-based drivers like Uber and Lyft. And beyond tipped workers, workers with disabilities, incarcerated workers, and teenage workers have also received subminimum wages for their labor for decades. One Fair Wage is calling for every worker in America to receive a full, fair minimum wage from their employer.

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  • Living Off Tips

    “If you are living off tips it means you are not getting a living wage. It means you are dependent upon the kindness, or generosity of strangers.”

    – Gloria Steinem
  • Living Off Tips

    “My dream has always been to give the best to my son, to be able to give him what I couldn’t have, and that he doesn’t suffer what I’ve suffered.”

    – Maria
  • Living Off Tips

    “Every two weeks we have no idea what our checks are going to be. We have no idea if we can make it month to month.”

    – Jennifer
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